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Okoume BS1088 marine grade plywood transport considerations

Okoume BS1088 marine grade plywood is also made of wood. It is made of wood. When transporting plywood, we should pay attention to it. Because these plates are made of wood, the impact is easy to break. Affect its use.

In the choice of trucks, trucks with compartments are preferred because they prevent the panels from being affected by the natural environment, such as sunlight or heavy rain, to ensure the quality of the panels is intact. If you can't use a truck with a carriage, then we should also cover the board with a cover and try to avoid contact with nature.

Okoume BS1088 marine grade plywood transport considerations

In addition to the above, we should also ensure that the packaging of the board is intact and that there are no scratches, which will affect its service life. At the same time, plywood is a kind of plate with a wide range of applications. Okoume BS1088 marine plywood needs to be protected in terms of use, cleaning and transportation.

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